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  • Zero Waste To Landfill - Mangham 80 - CALL 01709 524115 FOR MORE INFORMATION!
  • Ferrous & Non Ferrous Scrap - CALL 01709 524115 FOR CURRENT PRICES!
  • Scrap Cars - CALL 01709 524115 FOR CURRENT PRICES!
  • Light Iron & Cast Iron - CALL 01709 524115 FOR CURRENT PRICES!
  • Scrap Copper - All Grades/New & Greasy - CALL 01709 524115 FOR CURRENT PRICES!
  • Aluminium - Pure/Irony/Litho/Aluminium Wheels - CALL 01709 524115 FOR CURRENT PRICES!
  • Mixed Cables - Copper/Leaded/Singles/Household/Armoured - CALL 01709 524115 NOW!
  • Stainless Steel - CALL 01709 524115 FOR CURRENT PRICES!
  • Transformers & Motors; Tin & Tin Alloys - CALL 01709 524115 FOR CURRENT PRICES!
  • Brass, Nickel, Chrome Alloys, Gun Metal & Bronze - CALL 01709 524115 FOR CURRENT PRICES!
  • Old, Broken or Unwanted Gold, Silver & Platinum - CALL 01709 524115 FOR CURRENT PRICES!
We are wholly committed to 100% recycling and lowering our carbon footprint through our zero to landfill policies
For more information see our Environmental Policies or contact us to see how we can help you recycle more efficiently

Ferrous Product Sales

Recycling and Smelting of metal

Ron Hull Jnr Ltd supply all types of industries with a comprehensive range of ferrous metal recyclates manufactured to current UK and International specifications.

Our recycling process ensures that these valuable ferrous metal resources are returned back to the manufacturing industries – for example as furnace feed for steelworks/foundries or to major car manufacturers to produce new car parts.

We not only sell locally and nationally, but have the technology and customer base to sell our products on a worldwide global scale, whether this be loading containers via ramp or with our two state-of-the-art container lifters, enabling us to load 20ft containers in the most efficient and safest possible way. We also have dock facilities to load large shipments of material.

We sell the following Ferrous grade products to UK and International customers:

  • Engineering Scrap Metals - 12a, 12c, Low Carbon Stampings; 7b Turnings; 2ft Cast; Bar End Scrap
  • Vehicle Scrap Metals - Baled, Scrap Cars; Burnt Engine Blocks; Burnt Wheels & Axels; Cogs
  • Demolition Scrap Metals - No1/No2 Scrap, OA Scrap/Plate & Girders
  • General Scrap Metals - Tin Cans; Cylinder Casts; Granulated Copper Wire; Sheared 8B Cuttings
Scrap Metal - 12a
Scrap Metal - 12c
Scrap Metal - 2ft Cast
2ft Cast
Scrap Metal - 7b Turnings.jpg
7b Turnings
Scrap Metal - Baled Scrap Cars
Baled Scrap Cars
Scrap Metal - Bar end scrap
Bar End Scrap
Scrap Metal - Burnt engine blocks
Burnt Engine Blocks
Scrap Metal - Burnt wheels and Axels
Burnt Wheels & Axels
Scrap Metal - Cogs
Scrap Metal - Cylinder casts
Cylinder Casts
Scrap Metal - Forklift scrap
Forklift Scrap
Scrap Metal - Granulated wire
Granulated Wire
Scrap Metal - Low carbon stampings
Low Carbon Stampings
Scrap Metal - No1 and No2 Scrap
No1/No2 Scrap
Scrap Metal - Plant & Girders
OA Scrap/Plate & Girders
Scrap Metal - Sheared cuttings
Sheared 8B Cuttings
Scrap Metal - Tin cans
Tin Cans
Scrap Metal - 8B Cuttings
8B Cuttings
Scrap Metal - Frag Scrap
Frag Scrap
Scrap Metal - OA Scrap
OA Scrap
Scrap Metal - Scrap Ferrous Metals

For more information on our ferrous scrap metal recycling division and its processes, please see our Ferrous Website at www.ronhullscrapferrous.co.uk or contact us for current prices.


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